About Us

Bruno Associates is led by the father-son team, Bob Bruno, Sr. and Sean Bruno. Bob is the former president and CEO of Bruno Machinery Corporation with over 40 years of press experience. Sean Bruno was the VP of Manufacturing, and he has nearly 15 years of sales and management experience.

Bob Bruno, Sr. started the BRUNO press line in 1972 – which includes mechanical, hydraulic-mechanical, and direct-acting presses for die cutting, embossing and mold-and-trimming.

Over 900 BRUNO presses have been manufactured for companies cutting non-metallic parts throughout the world – prominently in the automotive, carpet, puzzle, toy, gasket, furniture and many other industries. BRUNO presses are always made in the USA.

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Bruno Headquarters
  • Over 60 years of die cutting experience
  • Easy, efficient service and parts
  • New! Die cutting, embossing molding/trimming & heated platen machines
  • Made in the USA
  • Manual and automated systems
  • High quality, easy to maintain machines
  • Rebuild & Upgrade your current equipment

Why A Bruno Press?

Bruno will continue to design, manufacture and service our own product line of die cutting, embossing, stamping and molding presses. Our commitment to quality, performance and placing the customer first has given Bruno a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of presses in the world. The quality and diversification of Bruno products has allowed our customers the accuracy and performance to succeed in today’s competitive markets.

Our reputation and commitment to quality, performance and service is too important to ever be compromised. In the years to come, we will continue to expand our customer base and product line…but never at the expense of lowering our standards for product quality and customer service.

1. The customer is our reason for being here.
2. It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one.
3. Always be courteous and polite during each customer contact.
4. The best surprise is…no surprise.
5. Continually look for ways to improve quality and value to our customers.


Bruno Associates is a world-class OEM of hydraulic, mechanical, and hydraulic-mechanical presses that convert many different materials in a large variety of industries.




Our sales team is made up of from an experienced and professional staff. The team has over 60 years of experience helping customers meet...


The factory staff is made up of engineering, assembly and purchasing. They take pride in designing, building and delivering high-quality, on time products.

Parts & Service
Parts & Service

We have 3 professional service technicians that travel all over the world servicing our presses. Our service manager keeps the staff on-time and your...