Trim Press Manufacturer


BRUNO Mold and Trim Presses are controlled by four interactive variables…load, position, velocity and time. You cannot pre-set all system variables; e.g. if load is controlled, position will vary with time and the compressibility of the material. If velocity and final position are set, load will vary right.

The tooling for molding presses may be heated and can contain auxiliary hydraulic cylinders to cut surfaces that are not perpendicular to the platen motion. Close control of the full closed position of the tool is normally accomplished with stop blocks in the tool.

The selection of a mold and trim press requires a thorough understanding of the intended process or the recognition that the press is a process development tool and must have all the anticipated control functions to develop a process.

The following is a list of parameters that are often a part of a mold and trim press cycle:

  • No load closing speed (rapid approach)
  • Adjustable load during work portion of cycle (pressing, tonnage)
  • Speed @ load (pressing speed) B typical is 2@/sec.
  • Dwell times @ load
  • Dwell times @ no load
  • Out gassing cycles (platen stops before full closed and dwells or backs up (optional B burp cycle)
  • Dwell at full closed on mechanical stops
  • Slow open for pre-set distance (option)
  • Fast open for pre-set distance (rapid return)
  • Safety system to lock press open if people are in platen area, or if hydraulic system fails
  • HEATED platens or tooling (option)
  • Tooling weight, lower and upper platen tooling weights
  • Various tonnages, sizes, stroke lengths and hydraulic speeds
    (customized for your needs and applications)
  • T-SLOTS for tooling
  • HEATED bolster plates and PROGRAMMABLE heat zones option
  • Automatic SLIDING TRAY option
  • SAFETY collet wedge system (allows you to safely work directly with your tooling and product)
  • Full line of ACCESSORIES and OPTIONS